Trump Allies Are Planning Day-One Immigration Crackdown

( – According to former President Donald Trump’s allies, Trump plans on instituting a crackdown on immigration during his first day in office following the 2024 presidential election.

Among the people citing immigration as Trump’s primary concern upon his victory in the upcoming presidential election are people who worked under the Trump administration, immigration policy experts, and the former president’s avid supporters. Trump’s campaign has also promised to address immigration immediately after the former president takes office, which could see the White House institute a mass deportation to combat illegal immigration.

Trump has cited illegal immigration as one of the most significant issues within the United States and blames President Joe Biden for the steady rise in illegal immigration over the past few years. According to Trump and his allies, Biden’s refusal to address the ongoing surge of immigration across the United States’ southern border has resulted in a historic influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom could pose a threat to national security. While Trump has campaigned heavily on illegal immigration and how his administration plans to handle the controversial topic, members of the former president’s campaign have stated that voters shouldn’t follow media outlets that claim to know Trump’s planned policies.

Two members of Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign have stated that the former president hasn’t announced an official immigration policy and that American voters shouldn’t trust media outlets reporting on Trump’s immigration plans. According to Susie Wiles, one of Trump’s top political advisors, media outlets rely on anonymous information and speculation to outline Trump’s political platform and lack the information to make definitive statements about the former president’s intentions. The most common claim featured in media coverage of Trump’s stance on immigration is that the former president plans to implement a mass deportation policy, which comes from Trump’s statements at various campaign events.

While the details surrounding Trump’s plans regarding illegal immigration remain unclear, several Trump advisors have stated the former president plans to replace the leadership of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the United States Customs and Border Patrol. Trump’s advisors claim that the former president hopes to have his allies put in the aforementioned departments’ leadership positions, as it would enable him to quickly institute policies aimed at combatting illegal immigration, including the controversial mass deportation.

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