Trump Accuses Biden Of Running A ‘Gestapo Administration’

( – During a private donor retreat in Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump compared current President Joe Biden’s administration to the secret police of Nazi Germany, the Gestapo. He also discussed his legal issues, criticizing the prosecutors and talking about his recent indictments in Arizona.

These comments were made during a gathering at Mar-a-Lago Club, where Republican donors were present for the RNC’s spring retreat.

Trump alleged that the Biden administration operates similarly to the Gestapo. This approach, he argued, is the only way they are able to succeed. He continued to harshly criticize Joe Biden, labelling him as the worst president in US history. Trump stated that Biden is not only incompetent, but his administration is also deeply corrupt.

At the retreat, Trump also denounced Jack Smith, the special counsel prosecuting him, and called him derogatory names.

While discussing potential vice-presidential candidates, Trump praised several people, including Representative Elise Stefanik and Senator JD Vance. He also acknowledged Senator Tim Scott’s effectiveness and commented on the wealth of Gov. Doug Burgum. Trump has not decided on who will be his pick for Vice President yet, but it will most likely be one of the people he mentioned positively in his speech.

Trump also expressed his support for Governor Kristi Noem, despite the recent controversy, and praised both Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Byron Donalds, who are from Florida.

During the event, Trump made a bold offer. He invited anybody who donated $1 million to his campaign on stage next to him. Two people accepted the offer, with one declaring Trump as God’s chosen leader.

Despite facing many legal challenges, Trump remains resolute in his focus for the 2024 elections. Supposedly, he does not dwell much on his legal troubles. However, when indicted, he did acknowledge his surprise and the time and effort which it will take to navigate the situation.

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