Top Secret Undersea Drone Weapon Spotted On GOOGLE MAPS Before Being Scrubbed Off Internet

( – A top-secret underwater drone was spotted in a California port on Google Maps before vanishing, leading some users to suspect the drone was edited out of the database. The appropriately named “Manta Ray” is named after the animal it resembles with a flat body, rounded nose, and two extended wings or fins. The design has been kept secret until very recently.

Images of the prototype captured by Google’s satellites were available when one zoomed in on the Port Hueneme naval base, but no longer; it appears the sub was replaced with images of normal boats.

The drone has long-term deployment potential, along with an easily deconstructed and reconstructed design which allows it to be shipped in normal shipping containers around the world. It’s built by defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation who had kept the existence of the drone a secret until very recently.

The Manta Ray was unveiled early last May along with promotional materials that highlighted its abilities to operate long term, fire weapons from far away, carry a heavy payload, and conserve energy while gliding underwater.

The drone is able to be moved into the theater rapidly in response to emerging threats, giving the Navy a quicker response versus deploying traditional manned submarines. It can also park itself on the seabed and enter a hibernation mode allowing it to be deployed and positioned in advance or for defensive purposes.

Users on social media highlighted how the sub appeared and disappeared, suggesting Google scrubbed the image. Google Maps only updates every few years, so the image changing shortly after being discussed online was suspicious. Some even implied the appearance and disappearance was intentional to drive the news cycle and perhaps subtly inform China and Russia about the potential new toy for U.S. allies around the world.

China has been threatening Taiwan throughout the administration of President Joe Biden, while Russia and Ukraine have been embroiled in war since February 2022. Russia uses its navy to strike targets in Ukraine as well as defend against Ukrainian attacks on its ports and vessels in the Black Sea.

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