Top Republican Announces Retirement Because Congress Is ‘Broken’

( – On Wednesday, February 14, Republican Mark Green, Chair of the Homeland Security Committee, announced that he will be retiring. He expressed his desire to leave on a high note after the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The 59-year-old representative, elected in 2018 to represent Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District, revealed his plans on the Capitol steps immediately after the impeachment session was over, becoming the fourth GOP chair to announce retirement.

Alongside his main announcement, Green also emphasized his accomplishments in the role. He mentioned being part of the passing of the strongest border security bill and holding the administration accountable through the impeachment of Mayorkas. Green stated that his experience in Washington had taught him that the true battleground is not in DC but rather with DC itself.

During his tenure as chair, Green prioritized investigations into the Department of Homeland Security, particularly focusing on Mayorkas. The impeachment vote, however, faced initial challenges and required two attempts. Three Republicans, alongside Democrats, opposed the resolution in the first vote, expressing concerns about potential abuse of impeachment power by the GOP. The second attempt succeeded only after House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, returned to Washington following treatment for blood cancer.

Mayorkas’ impeachment is a first in modern times. The last cabinet official to ever be impeached was William Belknap, who served as the US secretary of war in 1876. The Department of Homeland Security blamed the GOP for the impeachment, calling it unconstitutional.

Green did not reveal much about his future plans and did not confirm if he will run for another office like the 2026 Tennessee governor race. However, he did show his intent to volunteer for former President Trump’s campaign, pledging support to help secure Trump’s return to the presidency.

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