Tlaib Refuses To Back Down On Her Beliefs

( – Perhaps history will tell constituents in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District if their current U.S. Representative actually believes what she is saying about Israel’s alleged bombing of a hospital in Gaza or if she is simply afraid of being voted out of office by her largely Arab-American voting base. Either way, Rashida Tlaib isn’t budging.

In addition to insisting that the United Nations should lead an independent investigation of the reported hospital bombing, Tlaib has still refused to specifically condemn the October 7 actions of Hamas, or to call the group a terrorist organization. After what appeared to be intense scrutiny from within the ranks of her own party, Tlaib said she grieved the loss of life among both “Palestinian and Israeli” civilians.

Even left-leaning outlets have noted that Ilhan Omar, Tlaib’s Muslim colleague, condemned the recent activity out of Gaza. Fellow “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was also on board with a statement of condemnation. Tlaib’s refusal to do so, along with what many view to be her one-sided criticism of Israel, appears to have at least temporarily isolated her from House Democrats.

Her October 17 Twitter comments about an alleged Gaza hospital attack at the hands of Israeli air assets brought even more scrutiny. On the night of the events in question, Tlaib said that an Israeli bomb was responsible for “killing 500 Palestinians.” After the sun rose the next day and possible alternative evidence began circulating in the media, Tlaib remained steadfast in her accusations.

Despite her post being fact-checked as potentially inaccurate and despite numerous mainstream reports suggesting that the Israelis might not be to blame, Tlaib refused to back down. Tlaib’s stance on the issue appears to have earned her the ire of virtually all House Republicans and even some Democrats.

On October 24, Rep, Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a resolution to censure the Michigan lawmaker. Tlaib’s Democratic colleague, Jared Moscowitz, said the resolution may succeed.

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