There’s A New Hotspot for Illegal Migrant Crossings

( – Illegal immigration encounters have dropped dramatically across Texas in 2024 in the wake of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s policies which have restricted illegals from crossing the Rio Grande and entering his state.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data indicated that the number of encounters happening between CBP officers and illegals have dropped 24-64% at different zones across Texas. Interestingly, the same data is showing that there have been increases in illegal aliens crossing in Arizona and California during the same period, indicating Abbott’s policy changes are working.

Abbott deployed razor-wire fencing and thousands of members of the Texas National Guard to the border, deployed deterrent measures in the Rio Grande, and fought the right to defend the border all the way up to the Supreme Court, repeatedly, with cases ongoing. Abbott announced that Texas had detained over half a million illegal aliens since he began Operation Lonestar in 2021 to address the crisis.

El Paso saw the number of illegal crossings drop 24.1% from 40,103 to 30,420 encounters during the 2024 fiscal year through March when compared with the same period the previous year. The Big Bend crossing dropped from 1,200 to 436 or 63.7% during the same period. In Del Rio, the number fell from 23,904 to 11,281 or 52.8%. Rio Grande Valley and Laredo had their numbers drop 49.5% and 42.8%, respectively.

At the same time, CBP data is revealing the opposite trend in California and Arizona, where Democrat Governors control the law enforcement apparatus. This suggests that the illegals and the NGOs or cartels handling them have realized they’ll have an easier time crossing in those areas. The data demonstrates the success of Abbott’s policies deterring illegal crossings.

Authorities and media have used illegal alien encounters as a proxy metric for illegal immigration due to the fact most migrants turn themselves in and claim asylum.

Former President Donald Trump has made the issue central to his campaign, highlighting that Biden’s de facto open border is criminally negligent, allowing millions of unvetted people into the country. Multiple Americans have already been killed by criminals who were in the country illegally.

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