Texas Attorney General Slams Colony Ridge

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton strongly criticized Colony Ridge for supporting the settlement of undocumented immigrants within the state, while also censuring public officials who contributed to the development’s expansion.

He wrote a letter to Republican members of the US Congress, who had expressed their concern last month about the persistence of a large settlement in Texas. It was there that Paxton revealed the findings from his office’s investigation into Colony Ridge. The Attorney General’s letter emphasized that the existence of this “colony” is negatively impacting nearby communities and the state itself.

The letter discussed the development’s impact on the neighboring communities, noting that nearby communities have noticed the high amount of people living there. They also noted that the existence of this site for illegals is a detriment to the entire state. Furthermore, Paxton’s letter pointed out that two state legislators, Senator Robert Nichols and Representative Ernest Bailes, endorsed Colony Ridge through a specific agreement that allowed it to operate as an autonomous entity. It was previously reported that Bailes had received significant political donations from Colony Ridge developer William “Trey” Harris.

Paxton expressed his deep disappointment in these two elected officials for seemingly prioritizing developers’ interests at the general public’s expense, thereby diminishing the quality of life for their constituents. He also criticized both “journalists and politicians” for underestimating the magnitude of the Colony Ridge problem.

Paxton’s letter additionally raised concerns that the situation at Colony Ridge might not be an isolated case. It warned of a growing trend in Texas where real estate developers purchase large quantities of undeveloped land, and sell the undeveloped lots, often coupled with offering low down-payment, high-interest owner-financed loans that require minimal identity verification.

This communication from the Attorney General comes in the wake of investigative reports by various news outlets regarding Colony Ridge, which led to reactions from both state and federal lawmakers. Governor Greg Abbott subsequently included legislation to address the Colony Ridge situation in the special legislative session’s agenda.

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