Tesla Recalls 2.2 Million Vehicles In US

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Tesla is recalling a large number of its vehicles in the US after an investigation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The recall, for over 2 million electric vehicles, was announced on Friday, February 2. This move comes as the NHTSA escalates its investigation into Tesla’s vehicle lineup.

The NHTSA revealed that the font size of specific warning indicators on Tesla’s instrument panel, including those for park, antilock brake systems, and brake warnings, does not comply with federal safety standards.

Most newer Tesla models are affected. To address the issue, Tesla plans to send out an online software update instead of actual physical recalls.

Additionally, the NHTSA upgraded its inquiry to an engineering analysis regarding issues with steering in Tesla cars, indicating that a bigger recall might be on the way. According to documents from the agency, this new update from Tesla would have to enhance warnings and alerts for drivers as well.

Tesla has begun working on the release of the software update to fix the issues with the font size, with vehicle owners set to receive notification letters by the end of March. The problem was initially identified on January 8 during a routine safety compliance audit. Although three warranty claims that Tesla has discovered may be connected to the problem, no collisions or injuries have been reported.

In December, Tesla faced pressure from the NHTSA to recall over 2 million vehicles to address software issues and fix a defective system associated with the Autopilot feature. The recall followed a two-year investigation into crashes involving the Autopilot system, with concerns about if the system can keep the driver’s attention on the road. Tesla’s stock has seen a decline because of these issues, falling by nearly 3% in early trading on February 2, reaching levels not seen since May of 2023.

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