Tech Mogul Flips On Dems To Back Trump

( – A major Democrat fundraiser is switching her support to Donald Trump after having an awakening to the reality of what happens when Democrats are given total control of the levers of power in government.

Allison Huynh is a millionaire who designed robotics and AI technology before selling the company to Google. In 2008, she and her then-husband helped bring Google executives and other billionaires into the Obama campaign by helping to organize $50,000-$100,000 per-guest events.

Huynh was such a Democrat fanatic that she spent over $1 million on the original artwork that was used as the basis for the iconic “Hope” posters from his campaign. Now she wants to sell it. She also purchased a $100,000 rocking chair that was owned by JFK.

Huynh told corporate media that she felt Biden was “asleep at the wheel.” She also suggested he wasn’t connected to the American people at all. No longer calling herself a Democrat, Huynh calls herself an independent and is proud to support Donald Trump.

Huynh said she was surprised by how “down-to-earth” Trump and his circle was after spending time with him at Mar-A-Lago. She described him as funny, intelligent, and light. She additionally said she was impressed by how aware Trump was of the various problems Americans are experiencing around the nation.

Huynh highlighted that Trump’s awareness of the crime, border issue, and economy were all big green flags for her. She additionally described watching San Francisco descend into chaos after Democrat policies failed the people who lived there. She said that the violence against Asian people as well as the public consumption of fentanyl and heroin make the city completely unsuitable for families.

Huynh highlighted that it’s not a cult of personality but rather Trump’s policies and past achievements which drew her to him. She specifically mentioned the 2016 Jobs Act, and the desperate need for stronger law enforcement to stop the current crime wave in major American cities run by Democrats.

Huynh also said legal immigration and illegal immigration are distinct and separate types of immigration which the Democrats have conflated to the country’s detriment. She concluded with her belief that Trump knows what needs to be done and will be able to do it after winning the election.

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