Suspect Arrested Over Child Abduction

( – According to investigators in New York, the man who was charged with Charlotte Sena’s kidnapping will likely face a number of further charges. Craig Nelson Ross Jr.’s reported age varies from outlet to outlet, but all list him as the prime suspect in the abduction of the upstate 9-year-old.

The 46 or 47-year-old allegedly snatched Sena off her bike on the last day of September in the Moreau Lake State Park area. Her whereabouts stayed a mystery for the next two days. Just after 4 a.m. on October 2, authorities said a then-unknown individual walked up to Charlotte’s home and placed a letter of sorts in the mailbox.

Police had been monitoring the residence at the time and they retrieved the note in question. Once it was in hand, they found it to be an ultimatum for Charlotte’s ransom. Authorities have not said if specific numbers or potential consequences were mentioned in the note, but they have made clear that they were able to lift a fingerprint off of it.

That fingerprint was run through a database and found to belong to Ross. The suspect’s prints had been taken and stored after his arrest for DWI in the late 1990s. The records yielded a Ross-family address and a tactical team was quickly assembled. About 20 agents then descended on a property belonging to Ross’ mother.

Once they were on scene, they discovered a small camper. The team immediately stormed the dwelling and Ross was taken into custody after a scuffle. Only moments later, police found Charlotte tucked away unharmed inside a cabinet. Authorities said her physical state was good, though they did not give an indication of how she was faring mentally.

Authorities have not yet determined if Ross’ alleged crime was completely random or if he had a connection to the Sena family in some way. Police are comparing his DNA to samples taken in other abductions.

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