Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Return Sparks Backlash From Viewers

( – “The Daily Show” is bringing back Jon Stewart once a week to host the comedic nightly news program. The show has been struggling to replace previous host Trevor Noah after he left the program in late 2022. Since his departure, the program has featured a series of guest hosts. None have established themselves with the gravitas and screen presence that Stewart brings, however.

As such the producers thought it was time to bring Stewart back, if on a part-time basis. He’ll host the program one night a week and Monday, February 12, marked his return. The comedian’s opening monologue delivered a critique of both frontrunners for the 2024 presidential contest.

Stewart mocked both contenders as elderly men and joked that the contest should be dubbed “Indecision 2024: Electile Dysfunction.” He made fun of Biden’s response to the release of the report from Special Counsel Robert Hur. The report suggested Biden was likely criminally culpable but did not recommend charges in Biden’s classified documents case due to the president’s severe memory problems.

Hur’s report highlighted that Biden couldn’t recall the years he was Vice President (2011-2017) nor the year his son Beau Biden died (2015).

Stewart could not mock Biden’s mental incompetence without throwing some daggers at Trump for similar behavior. Trump has had a handful of gaffes. He recently confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, though if there’s much difference between the two women is certainly up for debate. Stewart characterized Trump’s gaffes as “regularly saying things” during his events that “warrant a wellness check.”

Stewart took flak from both the left and the right on X (formerly Twitter). Someone suggested that Stewart’s digs at both sides “minimizes the stakes” of this election cycle. Another commenter complained that the two were unequal with one candidate being “pro-Democracy” and while calling the other candidate “a f***ing FASCIST!!” It wasn’t clear which candidate the commenter liked from the context.

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