Stephen A. Smith Pleads With Democrats Stop ‘Disaster’ Trump Trial

( – Former ESPN host and podcaster Stephen A. Smith called the New York case against Donald Trump regarding payments to Stormy Daniels a disaster and implied that it was destabilizing our democratic processes. Trump has called the case election interference and many Trump defenders have suggested that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg rigged the charges to avoid the statute of limitations.

Smith compared the case to that of former President Bill Clinton. Clinton is a Democrat who was impeached during his final term in the late 1990s over a sexual encounter he had with an intern in the Oval Office and lied about.

You want Trump gone?” Smith blasted “Beat him,” meaning win the election fairly. Smith highlighted that the overturning of Roe v. Wade should be enough for the Democrats to mobilize enough support to win fairly.

“Is it possible it could be perceived you’re going after Trump using lawfare?” Smith prodded. He mentioned rising crime in cities, foreign wars, and the southern border crisis as major points in Trump’s favor and then suggested that the Democrats are acting as if they can’t win at the polls. He added that Trump has already made that argument.

Smith then berated the double standard of prosecuting Trump for sexual impropriety while Democrats like Clinton did much the same or worse. While discussing Clinton’s inappropriate “official acts,” Smith also brought up former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards who was caught having an affair with a campaign staffer.

Smith railed at the Democrats for using sexual impropriety as the basis of criminal allegations pointing out that they’re actually aiding his electoral chances. He suggested that “tens of millions” of Americans are already witnessing the abuse of the legal system and realize that the legal challenges are solely due to a fear that they can’t beat him legitimately at the polls.

Whether or not Bragg’s criminal trial results in a conviction, it’s certainly keeping Trump and the legal assault against him in the news cycle.

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