Speaker Johnson Proposes Separate Bills On Israel And Ukraine Aid

(ConservativeJournal.org) – House Speaker Mike Johnson recently revealed a plan to provide aid to Israel and Ukraine separately, hoping to avoid a revolt among conservatives that are threatening to vote him out. The Louisiana Republican intends to introduce four bills, each addressing aid for different countries and foreign policy demands.

Johnson emphasized the need for transparency, promising that the bills’ text would be available for review before a vote, adhering to a three-day rule. Votes could occur by Friday, April 19, if the measures pass the House Rules Committee.

Johnson has faced pressure to bring up a $95 billion aid package passed by the Senate but he appears to prefer separate bills. During a call on Monday, April 15, he informed President Biden of his plans to split funding.

The recent drone-and-missile attack on Israel by Iran intensified calls for immediate action, which prompted Johnson to consider a vote this week. However, this move risks his speakership. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is threatening to push for his ousting over Ukraine aid. Greeneā€™s opposition towards him is also forcing former president Trump to essentially pick a side as both Greene and Johnson are his allies.

While Johnson remains determined to govern, Greene and others have clear objections. The proposal faces criticism from both the House Freedom Caucus and progressives, which highlights divisions within Congress over foreign aid priorities. Despite challenges from both sides, some Republicans support Johnson’s plan, viewing it as a necessary step.

Past attempts to address foreign aid, particularly for Israel, have also faced obstacles in Congress. Lawmakers have attempted to force votes through discharge petitions, but these efforts have fallen short of the required support.

The White House opposes standalone aid for Israel, which makes the process even more complex. Johnson’s strategy to split aid into separate bills therefore may appease some conservatives but risks uncertainty of either of them being passed in the Senate.

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