Soccer Legend Carli Lloyd Explains Why She Stood For Anthem

( – Former US Women’s Soccer legend Carli Lloyd became a prominent figure during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but she is now well-known even beyond that.

In her final game for the United States against Australia, which was also the third-placed match, Lloyd made a noteworthy choice to stand during the national anthem. Her teammates, meanwhile, knelt in protest, a gesture initiated after the death of George Floyd in March 2020. During this game, Lloyd showcased her prowess by scoring two of the USA’s goals, contributing to their 4-3 victory and securing a bronze medal in her final Olympic appearance.

Lloyd recently shared the reason for her decision to stand in an episode of Kickin It on CBS sports, where she spoke with host Kate Abdo. She clarified that the act was not a protest in the traditional sense. It was just before kick-off and had been a routine part of their pre-game preparation.

Lloyd, now 41, explained that she had participated in the act of kneeling before the anthem five times previously and felt that her last world championship game deserved a different approach.

Maurice Edu, a former USMNT player, pointed out how Lloyd’s decision impacted the situation, given her influential role and dedication to advocating for change. In response, Lloyd expressed her belief in supporting tangible change rather than what she perceived as a non-impactful symbolic act. She noted that the empty stadium and limited viewership raised questions about the impact of their gesture.

Lloyd emphasized her fundamental perspective of viewing everyone as a human being, irrespective of their background and beliefs. She stressed the need for greater respect in the world and called for substantial changes. When asked whether she would make the same choice now, Lloyd stated that she probably would, indicating that people might sometimes over-analyze such decisions. Her primary focus during her last game was on winning a medal and achieving her goal.

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