Silicon Valley City Seeks Voter Approval

( – An extremely controversial proposal supported by billionaires in Silicon Valley to construct a new city on farmland in northern California could be subjected to a public vote later this year. California Forever, the organization that discreetly bought 60,000 acres of Solano County land, disclosed plans to submit a ballot initiative seeking public approval for the project. The proposed development encompasses nearly 19,000 acres in east Solano County, aiming to establish an eco-friendly and pedestrian-friendly community offering diverse housing options. The initiative also pledges to generate up to 15,000 jobs, allocate a $400 million fund for down payment assistance, and reserve at least 4,000 acres for parks and green spaces.

The initial phase anticipates the construction of 20,000 homes for around 50,000 residents, with potential growth to accommodate 400,000 people. Jan Sramek, the CEO of California Forever, contends that the project addresses California’s housing shortage. The East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy Initiative outlines a comprehensive plan for an affordable community, emphasizing safe walkable neighborhoods.

The initiative provoked even more controversy when it was found to be about buying up large swathes of land, including land near a big Air Force base, which raised concerns and led to legal action against the new landowners. The initiative’s financial backing includes prominent figures from big tech and venture capital investors, such as Reid Hoffman, a co-founder of Linkedin, famed-investor Michael Moritz, Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, and software engineer Marc Andreessen.

Despite high-profile support, the project encounters strong resistance from local authorities, environmental organizations, and apprehensive residents concerned about the potential impact of a sizable new city on the county. The ballot initiative marks an important moment in the project’s trajectory, with its acceptance or rejection dependent on the opinions of the public.

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