Senators Warn Military Will Strike Iran Under Two Conditions

( – As of November 7, the Pentagon has acknowledged that Iranian proxies in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen have attacked United States or coalition forces around 40 times. American troops have reportedly found themselves increasingly on the receiving end of mortar fire, rocket barrages and so-called suicide drones.

While none have yet been listed as killed in action, NBC News reports that as many as 45 U.S. personnel have been injured in the month-long series of strikes. Since Hamas’ invasion of Israel on October 7, the Department of Defense has either deployed or given initial deployment orders to almost 20,000 troops.

Hundreds of strike-fighter aircraft have been sent to the region, as have four carrier battle groups, each of which contains a massive flotilla of destroyers, cruisers, battleships and submarines. A Marine amphibious carrier full of helicopters and stand-alone infantry units is also floating off the coast of Israel.

Whether those forces will be fielded on a soon-to-be determined battlefield is something only a select handful are likely to know. If Senators Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumenthal are among the individuals in that group, they’re not telling anyone.

The Republican-Democratic legislative duo has however given President Biden a greenlight to attack Iran should one of two events occur. During a November 5 interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, the pair announced a brand new across-the-aisle resolution that calls for the United States to attack Iran in the event their proxies are successful in killing any American personnel.

Their second justification for a U.S. strike on the Persians would come in the event of a Hezbollah-led onslaught against the Jewish State in Northern Israel. The senator from South Carolina told Bash that unlike what the Iranian regime tells the world, neither the United States nor Israel is “the great Satan.” Iran is, he said.

On November 3, Hezbollah’s leader warned that his forces may be forced to join the war.

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