Senator Says US Soldiers Are Sitting Ducks

( – Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky offered his condolences for the soldiers who were killed last weekend by a suicide drone strike by Iranian proxies, but he expressed concern about the possibility that the US will get involved in another tumultuous and lengthy foreign war.

Speaking on “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Wednesday, January 31, Paul emphasized the necessity for any president contemplating significant military actions or war, regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican, to seek authorization from Congress. He expressed doubts about the likelihood of people following the rules to set up congressional authorization, saying that presidents, Republican or Democrat, might pass this crucial step as a knee jerk reaction.

Paul’s concerns extended to the perceived lack of attention given to the question of why American soldiers are stationed in remote bases across the world. While expressing sympathy for the soldiers’ families, he questioned the wisdom of deploying small forces in scattered locations, considering them vulnerable targets instead of being a formidable and strategic military presence.

The senator’s comments were prompted by Iran’s warning of a decisive response to any US attack following President Joe Biden’s promise of retaliation for the recent deaths. Paul, well-known for his skepticism towards US foreign policy, proposed a shift similar to former President Ronald Reagan’s withdrawal from the Middle East after the 1983 Marine Corps barracks bombing.

In a recent post on Twitter, Paul suggested there should be a re-evaluation of the policy that involves deploying a small number of soldiers across numerous remote areas in various countries. He argued that this approach leaves them vulnerable and susceptible to attacks without providing the capability to engage in a drawn-out war, a viewpoint aligned with his broader skepticism about the effect and strategic value of having the military loosely scattered in random countries.

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