Sen Sanders Blasts Media For Coverage Over Senate Fight

( – Senator Bernie Sanders criticized the fight between GOP Senator Markwayne Mullin and International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Sean O’Brien, saying that it was “pathetic”. Sanders, former presidential candidate and chair of the Democratic-led Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, expressed his disapproval during a CNN interview, saying that the entire situation was regrettable.

Sanders intervened during a committee hearing when Mullin challenged O’Brien to a physical confrontation after reading critical posts on Twitter that O’Brien had sent about Mullin. The Oklahoma senator provocatively suggested settling the dispute immediately, leading to a heated exchange.

During the interview, Sanders conveyed his disappointment, emphasizing the need for senators to act responsibly. He redirected the conversation to the core issue of workers standing up against corporate greed, which was the focus of the hearing.

O’Brien, known for his role in negotiating a contract for Teamsters with the United Parcel Service, aka UPS, was among the speakers at the HELP Committee’s hearing on the positive impact of unions on working families. Sanders highlighted the importance of workers joining unions to combat corporate power and bolster the diminishing middle class.

Mullin defended his actions, asserting that he was responding to O’Brien’s social media accusations of being a “greedy CEO” after a previous HELP Committee meeting. Mullin did not apologize for the altercation, claiming it was a reaction to the union leader’s online comments.

The incident underscores the broader issue of workers’ struggles against corporate interests, an aspect Sanders believes the media should focus on. He contends that the hearing aimed to address the challenges faced by workers in their fight against corporate greed.

Sanders concluded the interview by stressing that it is urgent that the disappearing middle class is rebuilt and encouraged workers to join unions as a means of confronting powerful corporations. The altercation, according to Sanders, detracted from the hearing’s essential focus on workers’ efforts to improve their lives.

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