Seattle Woman Charged After Trying To Bribe Juror With $120,000

( – A Seattle woman faces charges for attempting to bribe a juror in a federal fraud case. The woman tried to show up at the juror’s house with $120,000 in cash. The victim immediately reported the bribery attempt to the police.

The woman, Ladan Mohamed Ali, tried to give the juror, known as “juror 52”, a bag filled with cash. She then told the juror to persuade the rest of the jury to drop all charges for the defendants. She supposedly implied it was juror 52’s “duty” to do so. The interaction was recorded by other schemers who joined the woman in the bribery attempt.

The bribe also included instructions for the juror to make the case primarily about racism and to use the fact that the defendant is an immigrant to garner sympathy from the jury.

Minnesota District Attorney Andrew Luger announced that the indictment includes a total of five people involved in the attempted bribery. Prosecutors described the scheme as reminiscent of a mob movie. The five people claimed to have believed that following the juror home and persuading her would work out in their favor. They chose her because she was the youngest juror and the only juror of color. The suspects spied on her and researched all her personal details, including where she lived and her background. However, their attempt was reported to the police right away. The investigation also started immediately, and the suspects were found and apprehended soon after.

This incident happened amidst an ongoing federal trial in the complex “Feeding Our Future” fraud case. Dozens of defendants are accused of misusing federal child nutrition program funds during the pandemic to buy luxury items like cars and houses.

Luger said that Juror 52’s integrity is the reason the scheme did not work. He stated that the suspects should be ashamed of themselves if they believed such a bribe would be successful.

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