School Tried ‘Woke Kindergarten,’ Test Scores Dropped More

( – A San Francisco school attempting to create “woke kindergarten” was surprised to discover their ingenious new indoctrination program caused students to score worse than previously on testing.

The Hayward California Glassbrook Elementary School paid Woke Kindergarten (that’s the name of the company) $250,000 for a three-year contract wherein they’d train teachers to discuss topics like critical race theory and radical gender ideology to 5, 6, and 7-year-olds.

The funding was provided with federal tax dollars earmarked for helping struggling schools improve test scores and Woke Kindergarten wasn’t able to do that. According to reporting from the San Francisco Chronicle, both Math and English scores have dropped in the two years while the program has been active.

The woke training includes introducing children to a “woke word of the day” which includes fun vocabulary words like “protest,” “ceasefire,” and “strike.” The idea is to indoctrinate the children into the “language of resistance” which is easy for them to assimilate and deploy.

Woke Kindergarten advertises itself as “supporting” families, children, and educators by providing “abolitionist early education” and trans/queer “liberation.”

The primarily low-income students who attend the school displayed test scores suggesting only 4% of students were capable in basic math, with just 12% showing the appropriate skills in English. Both scores have dropped 4 points each since the addition of Woke Kindergarten.

The for-profit company was founded by Akiea “Ki” Gross, a black woman with short pink hair who goes by they/them pronouns and describes herself as “an abolitionist early educator.” Gross advertises her affiliation with the BLM movement on the company’s website.

A gay white male teacher complained that the programming from Woke Kindergarten was “too progressive” with a heavy focus on activism. He reported being kicked out of training sessions when he asked what “disrupt whiteness” means to third graders. He also challenged the use of the phrase “so-called United States,” and had issues with a website provided by the company entitled “Lil’ Comrade Convos” that featured lessons on eliminating police, landlords, and currency.

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