Sarah Silverman Under Hot Fire

( – It took an almost three-decade career for feminist comedienne Sarah Silverman to finally align herself with something that at least a portion of conservatives would likely agree with, but within hours of her doing so, she took her controversial Instagram post down. The comic and actress, who is a self-described agnostic Jew, didn’t actually post any original thoughts on October 18.

Silverman instead reposted the original thoughts of someone else as they pertained to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and the Israeli government. The original poster in question merely pointed out that Prime Minister Netanyahu was on record saying he was willing to allow supplies to begin flowing into Gaza once again if Hamas would release their Israeli hostages.

Their opinion also reminded readers that had Hamas not spent “billions of dollars” funding “terrorism” and perpetual violence, “they would” have been “able to build” whatever “infrastructure” was necessary “to support” their civilian population. Silverman tapped Instagram’s repost option and the rest was history.

She was immediately set upon by a digital army bent on ripping her shared post to pieces. One user called Silverman “a genocidal maniac” who was on board with “starving Palestinian civilians” through the deprivation of essentials like “water and electricity.”

Another suggested that she was an “incompetent third rate” joke-teller who was condoning an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe while sitting “in her mansion.” Yet another said Silverman had become a proponent for the deliberate “killing” of “babies and children” through “thirst.”

Whether readers agree or disagree with the opinions contained in Silverman’s repost, the actress appears to have been unable to take the heat. Later that same day, she yanked it.

In a now-original post to Instagram, the 52-year-old explained that her initial decision to click repost was related to intoxication. She made the “mistake to post” because she was “stoned.”

In a 2017 tweet, Silverman called for the military to arrest Donald Trump. She quickly deleted it.

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