Sarah Huckabee Leaves Door Open On Being Trump’s VP

( – Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders sat down with CBS’s “Face The Nation” to discuss her state’s conservative approach to abortion policy as well as her potential to be a vice presidential contender in Donald Trump’s potential administration on Sunday, January 21st.

After defending pro-life policy initiatives and adoption support in her state, Sanders said she hasn’t seen any ballot referendums that she would support on the subject of abortion as yet. When asked about extending postpartum support to mothers beyond sixty days, Sanders suggested that the policy wasn’t a good fit for their state’s needs.

Sanders was then asked about a federal program to support food security for children in public schools, and why she opted into the program whereas other Republican states have rejected it on principle. Sanders responded that Arkansas has typically ranked as one of the most food insecure states, which is why she believed it was an appropriate program for their needs.

When Sanders was asked about the respective ages of Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the front-runners for the nominations for President, she responded by suggesting Trump had a superior record in terms of the economy, handling China, and border security, which are all issues that drive voters to show up at the polls.

Sanders also highlighted Trump’s inspiration for love of country and juxtaposed it with the cynical attitude of the current administration.

Sanders added that the southern border was “far more” secure under Trump than it’s been under Biden, despite the host attempting to imply the situations were similar.

When asked whether or not she’d consider being his vice president, Sanders said that she loved her current job and would be happy to continue to work in the position without specifically saying she’d decline to take the VP position if offered.

Sanders has been considered a hot potential pick for the job, she has Trump loyalty, competence in office, and is popular with voters. Trump’s campaign has historically had trouble with female voters, and many commentators are suggesting that picking a woman would greatly benefit his campaign overall.

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