Santos Announces New Run for Congress

( – Former Republican Rep. George Santos has announced that he will run for Congress in New York against fellow Republican Nick LaLota. LaLota previously voted for Santos to be expelled from Congress in late 2023 after heavily misusing campaign funds and other issues.

Santos expressed his intent to re-enter politics on Twitter, emphasizing the need for a genuine conservative representative in New York. He timed this announcement to coincide with President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. He also criticized LaLota, referring to him as a fake Republican. Santos stated that he was very eager to have debates with his opponent, addressing both the issues and what he perceived as LaLota’s weak Republican record.

In response, LaLota, in a fundraising post, emphasized his commitment to raising congressional standards and holding Santos accountable for his misuse of funds and other controversies from his political career.

When questioned about Santos’ announcement, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said he was not aware that Santos was running again.

Santos was elected to represent New York’s 3rd District in 2022, which added to the GOP’s majority in the House. However, his fellow Republican colleagues actively fought for Santos to be expelled after revelations surfaced about fabrications in his resume. He lied about both his educational experience, and falsely claimed to be Jewish.

An ethics report released in November accused Santos of misusing campaign funds for expensive luxury items, Botox, and OnlyFans payments. Despite denying the allegations, Santos faced expulsion in a House vote, with 105 Republicans voting to expel him. He made history as the first member of Congress to be expelled without a criminal record.

Apart from his political disputes, Santos has filed a lawsuit against Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night host, on grounds of fraud and infringement of copyright.

Santos continues to claim not guilty to all 23 federal allegations, which include fraud for his campaign funding and identity theft.

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