Sanders Eliminates “Woke, Anti-Women” Language From State Documents

( – Within hours of assuming the governorship of Arkansas on January 10 of 2023, Sarah Huckabee Sanders began eliminating what she deemed to be leftist language from the state’s body of legal language. Via executive order, Governor Sanders banned the use of “Latinx.”

According to one academic, it was possibly the first such executive order employed by any official anywhere in the nation. The conservative governor simultaneously signed another six orders, one of which prohibited the state’s public schools from teaching anything related to critical race theory. Her decisions appear to have laid the groundwork for what was to come.

On October 19, the former Trump-era White House press secretary took things even further and moved to ban what she called “woke” and “anti-women” terminology from state documents. In her latest order, Sanders said that “the science” on gender “is” both “clear and real.”

The 41-year-old used “the miracle of” childbirth as her point of reference for differentiating between the two genders and went on to say that “government should reject” terms that seek to ignore, undermine or erase women. Instead of deleting women, “government should celebrate” the “distinctions between” males and females, she wrote.

Sanders’ order was said to follow a report that had been published by the Arkansas Department of Health in which the agency chose to refer to women who were carrying a child in utero as “pregnant people.” Her proclamation now requires any official state body to employ the traditional terms of “pregnant mom” or “pregnant woman.”

Sanders referred to the nationwide change in language norms, which many view as Orwellian, as “woke nonsense.” Additional terms banned under the Republican’s order include, but are not limited to, “birth-giver, human milk” and “menstruating person.”

The Arkansas leader’s seemingly conservative-friendly moves are not limited to language. On October 17, Sanders ordered a China-based agricultural company in the Natural State to relinquish its control of some 160 acres of land.

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