San Francisco Clears Homeless Camps Ahead Of Economic Convention

( – San Francisco is implementing extreme measures to shield world leaders from the homeless population during the APEC trade summit with Xi Jingping and Biden. Actions include clearing encampments and deploying ‘night ambassadors’ to keep vagrants away from the area.

Chinese authorities are placing 100 private security guards around the St. Regis Hotel, where their diplomats and business executives are staying. They aim to bolster security in a city their media has described as ‘hell.’

The unprecedented steps are intended to project a polished image during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, the city’s most significant global leaders gathering since 1945. The conference is anticipated to draw over 20,000 attendees, generating over $50 million in revenue.

To ensure smooth proceedings, roads are being closed, traffic detoured, and protective steel barriers are being erected in the conference’s venue, the SoMa District. Concurrently, in the Tenderloin District, workers have removed the belongings of homeless individuals, cleaned the area, and urged them to avoid the location for a week due to the upcoming conference.

Efforts to address homelessness include the city’s clearance of multiple hotspots in the neighborhood before the conference. Homeless aid organizations, such as Code Tenderloin, are involved in these efforts.

A ‘night ambassador team’ will operate late shifts during APEC, approaching individuals and offering services, including transportation to shelters or medical facilities. The initiative aims to prevent potential issues involving homeless individuals with drug and mental health challenges.

San Francisco has faced negative portrayals from some Chinese media outlets, referring to it as a ‘total failure’ and a ‘ruined city.’ The city’s reputation has been linked to its homeless crisis and perceived disorder.

Chinese delegates and business executives arriving for APEC are being housed at the St. Regis San Francisco. Concerned residents have taken the opportunity to highlight the city’s homeless problem, urging visitors to explore the Tenderloin area.

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