Russia’s Nuclear Forces Are Ready

( – According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation’s strategic nuclear forces are currently on full alert.

In his address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on February 29, Putin highlighted the successful integration of multiple types of hypersonic aviation systems in the ongoing invasion and war in Ukraine. He revealed that the Zircon sea-based hypersonic missile has already been employed in combat. Putin also confirmed that the Avangard intercontinental hypersonic missiles, which are nuclear capable, and the Peresvet laser systems, are both being used in combat roles in the war. Although most of the fighting is focused on the eastern part of Ukraine, these missiles have been used on military targets across the entire country.

Putin revealed that there are ongoing tests of the Burevestnik cruise missile. This missile, according to him, has infinite range. Putin also confirmed the completion of trials for the Poseidon unmanned surface vehicle.

The Sarmat heavy ballistic missile systems have been delivered to troops, and Putin announced plans for a demonstration in their effectiveness in the war soon.

Contrary to speculation, Putin stated that Russia has no intentions of deploying nuclear weapons in space. He dismissed these accusations as fake news, suggesting that the US seeks negotiations advantageous to America and aims to draw Russia into one-sided talks.

While claiming that work on various promising weapon systems continues, Putin reiterated the false narrative that Russia did not initiate the conflict in Donbas and expressed determination to end the war.

The war in Ukraine has taken a turn for the worse lately, as Kyiv’s forces are starting to lose all along the front. The city of Avdiivka has recently fallen, and Russian forces have already moved miles inland since the town was taken. As Russia makes constant gains, it remains to be seen if any peaceful solution might put an end to the war, now entering its third year.

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