Russia Has Lost 300,000 Troops

( – An October 31 report from Newsweek in which a Ukrainian official is quoted suggests that Russia’s war in Eastern Europe has cost Moscow around 300,000 soldiers. The outlet goes on to note that readers should treat Kyiv’s claim “with caution,” as an independent verification of their statistics from the battlefield was not possible.

Newsweek’s piece points out that both nations “could” potentially “benefit” from inflating the other side’s “losses.” Whether that has or has not happened in the case of Ukraine’s latest Russian casualty figures, readers may find it curious to know that determining the number of dead Ukrainian troops has become increasingly difficult.

A search engine query for the amount of Russian troops killed in the war yields plenty of results to sift through. Ukrainian numbers of the same are difficult to ascertain, so much so that some might consider the figure to be hidden intentionally. One can find articles from Reuters and the New York Times that provide estimates, but they appear to be isolated instances of such.

An August piece from the Times suggested that Ukraine had suffered 70,000 battlefield deaths versus Russia’s 120,000 killed in action. No matter what the actual number of casualties are for either side, it appears that legacy media has finally conceded that Ukraine’s long-promised counter offensive has failed.

Even if that’s not the case, many are wondering why the Biden administration appears to urgently need additional funding for what many consider to be NATO’s proxy war. The White House has asked Congress to pass a joint Israel-Ukraine package worth $106 billion, the overwhelming majority of which would be slated for the Zelenskyy government.

Though more in the legacy media disagree with him than not, former Trump advisor Colonel Douglas Macgregor has said almost 500,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed. Aid to the nation will only prolong their already-lost war and lead to more needless death, he says.

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