Rubio Supports Mass Deportations of Illegal Aliens

( – Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio has adopted a stricter stance on illegal immigration, which is a huge difference from his earlier days as a moderate. Rubio’s recent comments align him more closely with former President Donald Trump, who has publicly considered Rubio as a pick for Vice President.

To appeal to Trump more, Rubio also claims to believe the election was stolen from Trump in 2020. Trump to this day continues to claim victory in the 2020 election, a claim his legal team failed to prove in court.

Rubio also supports Trump’s plan to put the military in charge of deportation, building migrant camps, and more if he is re-elected. He suggested that as many as 20 million people could be deported. It would be the biggest mass deportation in US history.

Rubio has recently stated that the number of illegal migrants in the country is simply too high. He argued that a lot of these people cannot be helped because so many of them do not even have documents regarding where they originally came from.

His new position on the issue is much different from his views during his 2016 presidential campaign when he said mass deportation in the US is unrealistic. Rubio justified his support by claiming things have changed drastically since then. He has called the current situation in the US an invasion that needs to be fought against.

A decade ago, Rubio was a big proponent of bipartisan immigration reform and supported the 2013 immigration deal. However, he has since distanced himself from the legislation and the senators that he worked with. Rubio’s evolving stance on immigration and his refusal to accept the old election results from 2020 show that things are always shifting within the Republican Party. His new stances also might be viewed as a strategy to be chosen by Trump for the VP position.

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