Royals Mocked Over Alleged Christmas Card Photoshop Fail

( – Prince William and wife Kate Middleton got some criticism of their family Christmas photo shortly after it appeared on the royals’ social media. People commenting on the image claim to have identified multiple photoshop fails which they believe indicate the image was a fabrication.

The image is a simple family photo in black and white with the Prince and Princess of Wales standing in front of their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Commenters jumped on Louis’ ‘missing a middle finger’ on one of his hands.

One commenter was wondering if the royals hired actors for the shot or if the entire image was a composite. “I need answers,” she quipped. Another one inquired as to whether Louis lost a finger in the “heavy editing process.” Someone else suggested “The Royal photographer goofed on this one.”

Once the trend began, commenters began to see other oddities in the image. Some complained Louis’ legs don’t match, with him wearing pants above the knee and shorts below it. Some said his legs looked like they belonged to different people.

Someone else implied the photoshop job was so bad, they hoped it wasn’t funded with government funds. Another person asked if the children were real at all, and yet another user suggested there appeared to be a crown on Prince William’s head.

Whether the image was altered or the oddities noticed are just a consequence of lighting artifacts and an overactive imagination is up to the reader.

Madeline Buiano for suggested the image was “laid-back.” The lack of any royal accoutrement and basic fashion makes the family relatable to average middle class people, she said.

Buiano pointed out that this basic family vibe is a consistent feature, and it’s very similar to their 2022 family photo in which the Prince and Princess of Wales are seen walking hand-in-hand with their three children between them. The family was wearing jeans, shorts, and basic plain fashions in that image as well.

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