Ron Eller Wins GOP Runoff in Miss., Set To Face Democrat in Nov.

( – Ron Eller has won the Republican primary runoff for Congress in his district in Mississippi. His victory means that he will be going against the Democrat Bennie Thompson in the upcoming general election on November 5.

Eller is an army veteran, a physician’s assistant, and has represented his district since 1993. He won in the runoff against Andrew Scott Smith, who has experience in real estate investments as well as farm work. They both advanced to the runoff after being the top contenders in the initial three-person primary held on March 12.

Eller previously ran for the same nomination in 2022 and lost. He is an advocate for initiatives like the construction of a US-Mexico border wall and the expansion of energy production in the US. In the past, he has been critical of the crisis at the southern border.

Following his runoff victory, Eller emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration in the state. He stressed the need to move past divisions from political parties and races to work together as Americans for the collective good.

The 2nd District in the state is full of diverse landscapes and populations, stretching from the Mississippi River to the Delta flatlands before reaching the state capital, Jackson. The demographics in these areas are predominantly African American.

Thompson faced no opposition in securing the Democratic party’s nomination this year. He aims to tackle issues such as lowering prescription drug costs, supporting historically Black colleges and universities, addressing student loan debt, and helping the middle class.

In the 2020 presidential election, voters in the district overwhelmingly favored Democrat Joe Biden over Republican Donald Trump. It seems that this upcoming election might be more of a mixed bag. The chances of the district going red are higher than in 2020, as Biden’s mental capacity as well as his handling of the border crisis have drawn criticism from both parties.

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