RNC Sues Michigan Over “Inflated” Voter Registry Numbers

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The Republican National Committee (RNC) has filed a federal lawsuit against the Secretary of State of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson. The lawsuit alleges inaccuracies based on untrue population data in the state’s voter rolls.

The lawsuit states that the number of registered voters in most of Michigan counties is more than the eligible voting population or shows suspiciously high rates of active voter registration. This claim echoes some of the assertions that were made following Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, suggesting voter registration levels as indicative of fraud.

Voter rolls contain data on who’s registered to legally vote in a particular state. Conservative complaints of inaccurate voter rolls have only gotten louder since 2020. They have targeted programs like the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), claiming that it is inefficient and prevents the publishing of accurate voter data.

This lawsuit coincides with Trump’s reorganization of the RNC, which includes appointing new staff and lawyers focused on election laws both federally and state-wise.

In Michigan, efforts to challenge and remove registered voters have faced resistance. These efforts stem mostly from activists and supporters of Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Federal law mandates regular voter list maintenance but requires states to wait before removing inactive voters. Because of this, some outdated information can remain on the rolls. The RNC’s suit compares current voter registration data with older population estimates. This might exaggerate the perception of voter rolls as being bloated, as noted by experts and past legal rulings.

There are also discrepancies that arise because of differences between voter registration and Census numbers, especially for demographics like college students and people in the military. These might affect voter roll accuracy as well.

Secretary Benson has criticized the RNC’s lawsuit, claiming there are ongoing and active efforts to maintain accurate voter rolls. She fully dismisses allegations of negligence in voter management in the state.

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