RFK Jr Wont Run as Libertarian

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr (RFK) has decided against running for the presidency as a Libertarian. He instead indicated he wants to focus more on continuing his run as an independent. RFK expressed confidence in his ability to achieve his goal without any outside assistance, mentioning his campaign’s recent success in Iowa.

Kennedy had previously considered joining the Libertarian Party in hopes to gain a bigger platform for backing him up during his run. However, he has recently opted to continue as an independent candidate. RFK’s decision to forgo the Libertarian nomination comes amid concerns from party officials about his controversial vice presidential pick. Nicole Shanahan is known to be much more on the progressive side than Kennedy.

At a recent stop in Des Moines, Iowa, Kennedy stated that one-day conventions are extremely effective. He proved this by easily surpassing the threshold for ballot access in Iowa. Despite encountering challenges in other states, he remains optimistic about replicating this achievement nationwide. While Biden and Trump are still currently the main frontrunners for the elections in November, RFK’s progress in the ballots has not been bad at all considering his prospects as an independent candidate.

Supporters like Steven Bailey and Marsha Kendall recently voiced their backing for Kennedy. His focus on key issues and competency were the main reasons for their endorsement. Despite this, Kennedy remains largely undeterred by polling data.

At the Iowa convention, RFK also reiterated his focus on issues such as environmental protection and emphasized his dedication to his running mate, Nicole Shanahan. He attributed Shanahan’s absence from recent events to her prior commitments, including a visit to the southern border and personal obligations. Kennedy stated he is immensely proud of Shanahan’s contributions to the campaign and emphasized their unity as a team.

Despite uncertainties, it seems that Kennedy’s campaign continues to press forward with determination and a united front.

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