RFK Jr. Open To Libertarian Party Run

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has hinted at the possibility of running as a Libertarian Party candidate in the 2024 election.

During an interview on CNN with anchor Michael Smerconish, Kennedy, who is currently running as an independent, was asked about seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. Kennedy expressed openness to the idea, emphasizing his positive relationship with the party and mentioning a potential appearance at the California Libertarian Party convention.

He further said that he will be speaking at a Liberterian convention in California next month, and that he is in talks to speak at one in New York as well.

In addition to exploring the Libertarian Party option, Kennedy revealed that his campaign had filed paperwork to establish their own political party in six states. This strategic move aims to streamline ballot access by requiring a smaller number of signatures.

Two weeks ago, Kennedy’s campaign began the formation of the “We the People” party in North Carolina, Hawaii, Delaware, and California, along with the “Texas Independent Party.” This move means that these parties will be included in the ballot of these six states with reduced signature requirements than if he was independent.

Addressing concerns about potential impacts on the election, especially in swing states like Georgia and Arizona, Kennedy said he is still qualified for the ballot in New Hampshire and Utah as an independent candidate.

Smerconish in the interview played a podcast clip where Angela McArdle, head of the Libertarian Party, highlighted the positive relationship with Kennedy. As aforementioned, Kennedy confirmed ongoing conversations with the Libertarian Party and expressed comfort with most of their values, saying he regularly talks to Libertarian groups. Kennedy’s evolving political trajectory only grows more interesting as he navigates the complex landscape of the 2024 election.

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