RFK Jr. Hires Top Vaccine Skeptic As Communications Director

(ConservativeJournal.org) – In an interesting and controversial move for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential bid, prominent anti-vaccine advocate Del Bigtree has been appointed as the campaign’s communications director. Bigtree’s involvement was announced through a fundraising letter from the Kennedy campaign.

Formerly leading the Children’s Health Defense organization, the US’ most well-funded anti-vaccine entity, Kennedy announced his Presidential bid back in April. His shift from a Democrat to an independent was mostly because of his staunch vaccine skepticism, which gained traction during the pandemic era. While Kennedy has distanced himself from being labeled “anti-vaccine,” he has expressed controversial views, including linking vaccines to autism.

Bigtree, known for his leadership at the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), the country’s second-largest anti-vaccine organization, has been a vocal critic of the US’ handling of the pandemic in 2020. He echoed sentiments in his letter, attributing the current global situation to what he termed as the “greatest psychological operation” driven by “medical tyranny”.

Expressing concerns over the influence of health advisors like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bigtree also has criticized both former President Trump and President Biden in the past. He said he considers Kennedy as a friend and an ally in what he called their “shared mission,” describing his new role as the pinnacle of his career.

In a bid to bolster the campaign’s resources, Bigtree promised exclusive updates and access for donors who donate over $1,000 to interactive Zoom sessions dubbed the “Health Think Tank.” This initiative is set to serve as a platform for brainstorming campaign strategies with supporters.

Before Bigtree’s appointment, Stefanie Spear served as the communications director for the Kennedy campaign. She acknowledged Bigtree’s extensive experience, saying that he was the ideal choice for the role. Despite transitioning from her temporary position, Spear will retain responsibilities as the press secretary and director of media relations for the campaign, so that the campaign remains focused for the 2024 elections.

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