RFK Jr. Gets on Michigan’s Ballot

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr has secured a spot on Michigan’s ballot for the presidential election, according to representatives from the state. If he manages to get enough votes, his presence on the ballot might create a challenge for both Trump and Biden. Kennedy’s candidacy has raised some concerns among the supporters of Biden and Trump, who fear that his famous name and dedicated followers could sway the outcome of one of them winning the election.

Kennedy received ballot access after the Natural Law Party nominated him at a recent convention. As an independent candidate, he faces the challenging task of getting access to ballots across all states and Washington DC without the support of a major party.

Michigan becomes the second state after Utah to affirm his presence on the ballot, with other states still pending validation. It is still a win for Kennedy, as Michigan is a crucial battleground state. A win in Michigan during the primary election would throw a wrench into Biden and Trump’s plans.

Given that third-party candidates can have huge impacts on elections, the Democratic National Committee is trying to use every maneuver it can against Kennedy. This includes legal battles to contest his ballot access and running ads associating him and his campaign as nothing better than Trump supporters.

Kennedy’s association with the anti-vaccine movement, particularly through the organization Children’s Health Defense, has also drawn negative attention to him in the past. The organization is currently involved in a lawsuit against various news outlets, including The Associated Press. They are alleging antitrust violations related to the pandemic misinformation.

Kennedy has a significant following from people that are skeptical of conventional institutions and mainstream narratives, especially regarding the safety of vaccines. He has built his campaign on hopes that Americans will take a chance on him despite the perceived obstacles to his victory.

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