RFK Jr. Ad Mirroring JFK Commercial Runs During Super Bowl

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Former Democrat and now independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was the subject of a thirty-second ad that resembled a campaign commercial for his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy. The ad aired over the weekend on Superbowl Sunday just before the start of the half time show and was paid for by the American Values 2024 super PAC.

The ad has a nostalgic feel and is a derivative of an older campaign commercial for his late uncle, JFK. Pictures of JFK were replaced with RFK in the spot which used an old jingle and primitive low-resolution graphics. The slide show featured pictures of Americans holding signs that said the name Kennedy and altered photographs of RFK to appear as if they were taken last century.

The 30-second ad was likely to cost several million dollars, 30-second ads aired during the game were reportedly going for $7 million a pop. In a post to X, Kennedy shared the ad suggesting that momentum for his campaign is growing and his hopes that as an independent president he could heal the growing divide between American political factions.

Not everyone was thrilled by the ad, including Mark and Bobby Shriver, cousins of RFK who seemingly did not appreciate their mother and father’s likeness being used in a political ad in support of RFK’s campaign. They’ve previously criticized RFK’s stances on vaccines.

Bobby Shriver may have a financial motivation to criticize his cousin, however, as Merck has ”generously supported (RED) over the past several years,” that’s Bobby Shriver’s nonprofit.

Regardless, RFK took the high road and apologized in a response on X. He said he was “so sorry” if the ad caused anyone pain. He also added that the ad was paid for independently by a political action committee which legally prohibits RFK’s campaign from giving any input on content they generate. He added that he loved both his cousins and said “God bless you.”

Kennedy initially ran as a Democrat but quickly swapped to independent after it was decided by Democrat bosses that there weren’t going to be any primary debates.

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