RFK Chooses Leftist Shanahan as His Running Mate

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., JFK’s nephew and independent presidential candidate, announced his running mate for the vice Presidency on Tuesday, March 26. His pick, Nicole Shanahan, is a well-known attorney and entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a surprise pick to some, as her politics can be considered to be more on the progressive side.

Kennedy’s consideration of various potential running mates, including people like Aaron Rodgers and Tulsi Gabbard, ultimately led to Shanahan’s selection. Shanahan lacks political experience, much like Kennedy. She has, however, financially supported his campaign since it began and generously donated to his super PAC. Shanahan’s involvement in a Super Bowl ad supporting Kennedy’s candidacy, along with her significant financial contributions highly influenced his decision.

Kennedy revealed this news at an event held in Shanahan’s hometown of Oakland. He highlighted her tech background and advocacy experience, while Shanahan criticized the Democratic Party. She spoke of reasons for why she left it, and emphasized her concerns regarding the US food supply and medicine, which aligns with Kennedy’s priorities.

While addressing supporters, Shanahan underlined unity and endorsed Kennedy’s vision for America, pledging her dedication to getting him on every ballot nationwide.

Kennedy’s anti-vaccine stance and campaign themes are in line with Shanahan’s technological background, her business expertise gained through her experience in the field, and her personal objectives.

Kennedy’s choice of Shanahan comes as his campaign faces logistical challenges in meeting ballot access requirements across states. Despite these obstacles, Kennedy’s candidacy is polling better than other third-party candidates, especially in crucial swing states like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. However, critics from both the Trump and Biden camps have targeted Kennedy and now Shanahan too.

As Kennedy and Shanahan embark on their presidential bid, their collaboration aims to challenge the status quo. Their campaign aims to emphasize unity and address critical issues facing the US.

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