Republicans Threaten Dem With Recall

( – After the Supreme Court stopped Colorado’s attempt to exclude former President Trump from the primary ballot, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and many other Republicans issued a recall letter to Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

In the letter, Boebert accused Griswold of a “failure” that put a stain on the values of the US. She alleged that Griswold embarrassed both citizens of Colorado and Americans as a whole, when the high court ruled against the state’s attempt against Trump.

The letter also accused Griswold of abusing her office for a political agenda rather than encouraging Coloradans to voice their opinions. It was co-signed by Boebert, GOP Party Chair in Colorado Dave Wiliams, Vice Chair Hope Scheppelman, and GOP Secretary Anna Ferguson.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Monday, March 4, rested on the assertion that Colorado lacked the authority to remove Trump from the ballot because of the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause. The state’s argument was based on Trump’s alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots. The exact reasoning for the ban was that Trump led the alleged insurrection against the US government.

Griswold, an advocate for the effort initially filed by voters, faced criticism from conservatives who viewed it as an unwarranted interference in the electoral process.

Under state law, over 620,000 signatures would be needed to start a recall vote against Griswold. While their intent to circulate a petition remains unclear, Boebert included a petition link on her campaign site for a fundraising platform.

Expressing disappointment over the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling, Griswold insisted that Colorado should have the authority to bar insurrections from the ballot. In contrast, Trump celebrated the decision as a win not only for himself but for the entire US. Trump’s lead as the Republican candidate is huge, and now that Nikki Haley has dropped out of the race, his two only contenders remain his controversies and Biden himself.

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