Representative Urges NYPD Officers to Move to Texas

( – Republican Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne from Texas is calling on police officers in New York to relocate to Texas. She is promising them a supportive environment and a higher quality of life.

According to Van Duyne, the reason for this is the harsh treatment of the police in New York and especially in NYC. She recently published an advertisement in the New York Post that encourages officers to “escape New York and move to Texas!”

Her ad references the recent death of NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller and criticizes what Van Duyne describes as a lack of respect for law enforcement in New York. She accuses New York politicians of being “pro-criminal” and unsupportive of their police force. On the contrary, she says, law enforcement is valued and respected in Texas.

Van Duyne believes the criticism police face in New York stems not only from the amount of crime on the state and city level. It is also criticism against the Democrats and the way they run the state. Van Duyne’s goal with the ad is to fully encourage NY police officers to move to Texas, where she believes they can make it safer and have a positive impact on the communities.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Van Duyne expressed sympathy for the challenges faced by police officers in New York. She went on to describe the supportive environment for law enforcement in Texas. She highlighted the better quality of life and the emphasis on individual freedoms and safety in Texas compared to New York. Van Duyne compared the crime in both states and implied that Texas is much safer all around.

Van Duyne’s initiative is similar to a recent effort by Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida. DeSantis managed to successfully recruit hundreds of law enforcement officers from across the country through a targeted recruitment campaign.

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