Rep. Meuser: Biden Voters Have Buyers’ Remorse

( – Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) suggested that Biden voters from his district were having a bit of “buyer’s remorse” after reviewing the results of a recent Emerson poll that showed Trump ahead of Biden by several points.

The poll was the result of a collaboration between Emerson College Polling and The Hill and showed out of 1,000 likely voters from the Keystone State, 47% preferred Trump to Biden, who had 43% say they favored him; 10% were undecided. When the poll was modified to ask whom they leaned toward, Trump was still the preferred candidate 52% to 48%.

Meuser said that folks can feel the impact of Biden’s policies at the grocery store and at the gas pump. He also highlighted that crime is a top concern among Americans, along with the economy and the southern border crisis. He added that all three aspects were directly harmed as a result of Biden administration policies.

Meuser added that Biden’s State of the Union address suggested that Biden’s plan was to continue his disastrous policy decisions and thus the current trends. He said that the budget is overblown with “a trillion dollars of spending” and said that Biden is “adding taxes” to cover the costs.

Recently released data from the producer price index demonstrated that prices rose 0.6% since January which is a doubling of the previous value of 0.3% which was reported in the prior period. Meuser said that all prices will rise concomitantly with the producer price index. He added that the volatility in the Middle East is increasing shipping costs through the Suez Canal, another result of Biden’s mismanagement.

Meuser suggested that entitlement programs are spending more money than ever before, even after the Republican budget cuts negotiated by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). He added that additional regulations on small business are hurting American families by driving up inflation and the cost of doing business.

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