Rep. Bacon: War Will Widen If U.S. Response Is Weak

( – Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) thinks that a strong response is required to Iran’s recent strike on Israel wherein it launched hundreds of missiles and drones. Most of them were intercepted by Israeli and U.S. air defenses. Some have suggested the attack was just for show to justify its propaganda demand after Israel had struck a building next to the Iranian embassy in Syria, killing seven.

Iran had even suggested its need to retaliate was satisfied, but now the Israelis are pondering how they should retaliate. Global and regional leaders are concerned that the tit for tat interactions could spiral out of control.

Despite that, Bacon told viewers of Newsmax’s “The Hill Sunday” that a lack of or a weak response could “invite Iran to escalate” due to a perception of weakness. President Joe Biden had suggested the U.S. will not retaliate on Iran for its attack on Israel.

Bacon said that Israel has to respond to the Iranian strike with military force. He said that if Iran believes it can get away with this kind of strike it will increase the frequency with which they’re launched in the future.

Bacon further suggested the U.S. should strike Iran directly, calling it “the head of the snake” in regard to Middle Eastern problems. He suggested that hundreds of attacks against U.S. soldiers under the Biden administration in the Middle East were launched by Iranian proxy forces.

Nearly all the missiles and drones were shot down during the Iranian attack. The Intercept is reporting that the U.S. was responsible for eliminating more missiles than Israel’s air defenses, highlighting its willingness to defend Israel from attacks. An air force official speaking with the outlet said that roughly half of the Iranian weapons had technical problems resulting in failures to reach their targets. The rest of them were shot down.

Israeli authorities also claimed that all the cruise missiles and drones were shot down outside of Israeli airspace.

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