Rep. Ashley Hinson Says Biden Has No Accountability Over Border Issues

( – Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) gave comments to Newsmax on Monday, April 1 wherein she said the Biden administration has enjoyed “a complete lack of accountability” when it comes to the southern border crisis.

A New York Post report detailed a clash between hundreds of rioting illegal aliens attempting to destroy and remove fencing before swarming a border crossing in Texas near the Rio Grande in late March. Many of the 222 rioters arrested over the weekend were let go by a judge in El Paso who suggested the district attorney wasn’t prepared to argue for the detention of each illegal alien. The suspects were let go with a trial date in the future. Whether or not they appear will be up to them.

Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta said the illegals were entitled to individual bail hearings within two days of their arrest. The DA had asked for more time to prepare, given the volume of individuals involved, which was denied by Acosta. He then ordered the mass release of 39 illegals; the DA had planned to argue against their release in a single hearing which the judge wouldn’t allow.

ICE took the men into custody upon discovering that illegals suspected of participating in a violent border clash were going to be released otherwise. ICE indicated they will begin deportation proceedings against each of the men responsible as soon as possible.

Hinson highlighted that event as an example among thousands that indicate a total abdication of responsibility at the border by the Biden administration. She said that the footage of the rioters breaking down the fencing makes it clear that those people are a potential violent threat to American citizens and property.

Hinson also mentioned two trips she’s personally taken to the border and her belief that the crisis has made every American less safe, regardless of which state they live in. She suggested “every state is a border state” now given how the administration has been trafficking illegals around the country. She also highlighted the cartel-driven drug trafficking that is killing American young people with fentanyl.

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