Redistricting Map Shows GOP Could Make Huge Gain in NC

( – A new voting district map from North Carolina is poised to give the Republicans an advantage going into the 2024 electoral season, according to The Hill.

Their writers are suggesting the new map virtually guarantees a major Republican win in House elections, severely hampering Democrat efforts to regain control of the Speakership.

The new map was approved by the state legislature this past October and could allow the GOP to pick up three or four seats out of a total of 14 in the state’s House delegation. If that happened it would double the number of Republicans sent to the House from North Carolina, presuming everything else stays the same.

The new map shoved Democrat voters into districts historically theirs, concentrating their numbers into fewer districts.

Three Democrats currently serving in the House from North Carolina have already announced their intention to retire at the end of the current session: Reps. Jeff Jackson, Kathy Manning, and Wiley Nickel. Rep. Don Davis (D) is running for re-election and observers consider his chances split 50/50.

Manning said that the maps were guaranteeing at least three Democrats will lose their seats to Republicans. Jackson argued that the outcomes are being “decided in advance” by politicians drawing the voting maps. He further argued that gerrymandering the districts was taking power away from the voters.

Jackson had previously announced his intention to run for state attorney general one day after the Republican-controlled legislature approved the new congressional maps. Realizing he would run in a heavily Republican-dominated district led him to pull out of the contest.

He said that his district was redrawn specifically to take him out of the race, and he anticipated that he would be replaced with a GOP ally.

North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore (R) defended the new districts saying that the courts had approved the maps, making them legitimate and legal.

The Hill neglected to highlight a similar trend in New York state which is doing the same thing only granting the advantage to Democrats.

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