Razor Company Slammed After Showcasing Trans Model

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Razor manufacturer Braun is potentially the next company in line to face a boycott due to mounting criticism surrounding a rediscovered advertisement that features a “trans man” with visible mastectomy scars.

The promotional ad for Braun Series X Hybrid Trimmers, located at the bottom of the company’s website, shows a shirtless individual with scars beneath the chest area, apparently using the product for facial grooming.

The advertising material is supposed to emphasize the versatility of the shaving accessory for beard, body, and head hair.

As this image began to circulate online once more, numerous individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with Braun, accusing the company of endorsing gender transition surgeries. Calls for a boycott of the company have also started to emerge.

Activist Chris Elston, who claims to expose gender ideology and travels around the world to spread his messages, posted on the social media platform Twitter that Braun is supporting mutilation and the erasure of gender as a whole.

Ian Miles Cheong, a right-wing commentator, also suggested that Braun has followed in the footsteps of the two companies Bud Light and Gillette, who recently faced criticism for their utilization of transgender individuals in their advertisements.

James Esses, one of the co-founders of Thoughtful Therapists, a group of psychologists expressing concerns about the impact of gender ideology, further commented that corporations are pushing gender ideology not only to make sales, but to promote it throughout the world and among the youth.

Gender ideology and its exposure to easily influenced youth is currently a major issue in the political landscape of the US. The probable Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is mostly against the teaching of gender ideology in schools. Biden is in favor of letting parents make the decision for their children. As the 2024 elections draw closer, it will be interesting to see how the issue is handled by the victorious candidate.

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