Rancher Says Migrant Invasion Of His Border Property Has Cost Him $400k

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Texas rancher Wayne King runs a sprawling 8,200 acre ranch in Texas where he invites game hunters onto the property to hunt rare exotic species of animal. King reported that his business has suffered an estimated $400,000 in damages after criminal aliens cut through the property fencing, allowing valuable species to escape. The repairs are a constant source of frustration and time-consuming labor for King, who also reported illegals harassing him at his home on the property.

King keeps multiple species of Indian and African exotics which he then permits individuals to hunt at the ranch. He said that the holes were cut by criminal aliens using his property as a highway to avoid detection by the authorities. He said that some of the holes they cut were so big you could drive through them. He even found a ladder deployed over his fence.

In comments given to The Daily Wire, King highlights how the illegals have destroyed water lines, windmills, and his fences. He suggested the people that come through his property are the “gotaways,” which is a term border authorities use to describe border crossers who attempt to avoid interaction with U.S. authorities, despite all the free handouts. The only conclusion he can make is that the individuals cutting through his property are potentially violent criminals.

King described multiple scenarios where he’s been awoken in the middle of the night to banging on his doors and windows. He lives on the property. He said he’s experienced “several instances” where a group will surround his house between 11pm and 2am. Sometimes he’ll step outside with a pistol and fire off a warning shot to disperse them. Other times, there’s so many he won’t even go outside.

King said that Texans were “tickled to death” in regards to how Gov. Greg Abbott was handling the situation. He said that there were fewer incidents in recent weeks than previously; he estimated there were 25 criminal aliens crossing through his property per week, saying it was down from roughly 100 per week previously.

King highlighted that he recalled a time where American politicians were patriotic and highlighted how Biden has failed to protect the border, which is one of his vital responsibilities as president.

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