Putin Issues New Threat To The West

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Belarus has recently announced that it will enact tactical nuclear military drills with Russia. Since Belarus allowed Russian nuclear weapons to be stationed on their soil in March, the two countries have been closely working together.

Belarusian Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin, stated that the exercises are a proactive measure to increase readiness for using retaliatory weapons. He emphasized the need to respond to any threats against Belarus and Russia. The specifics of the drills are not known, but recent exercises included the delivery of nuclear weapons from storage to military units and attaching the warheads to planes and missiles.

President Lukashenko of Belarus has frequently warned European neighbors and Western allies regarding their supportive stance towards Ukraine. He stated that rising tensions could lead to a nuclear war, and that every side should be pushing for peace.

Ukraine plans to keep some F-16 fighter jets stationed abroad to discourage Russian attacks. Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark have committed to providing over 60 F-16s, with deliveries expected to start early to mid-summer. Ukrainian pilots are currently undergoing training to fly these jets. The F-16s are meant to help protect the frontline and border regions from Russian glide bombs.

However, Russian politicians have issued a formal warning stating that Moscow will legitimately attack any F-16s that the West gives to Ukraine to use in combat against Russian soldiers, even if they are stationed outside Ukraine. This echoes a similar, earlier warning from Putin.

Ukraine has also targeted Russia’s air force on the ground. A recent drone strike by Ukraine reportedly hit one of Russia’s Su-57 fighter jets at Akhtubinsk military airfield, marking the first known hit on this advanced aircraft.

These recent developments indicate escalating tensions and the potential for further conflict. It appears that nuclear exercises and advanced fighter jets will be playing significant roles in the ongoing geopolitical struggle.

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