Public School Teaches That ‘Strengthened Immigration Laws’ Are Oppressive

( – A class about Mexican American studies in a Texas public school in the Round Rock school district is pushing a political message. It teaches that laws for strong immigration and border policies are “oppressive“.

The curriculum aims to have students look at events from the 1970s to the present, focusing on how they made oppression “worse” for Mexicans and Mexican Americans. The class particularly emphasizes that immigration laws are the biggest source of oppression for people who fall under those groups and asserts that supporting mass migration is an act of resistance against the U.S.

The class advises teachers to caution students about using terms like “illegal” and “undocumented” to describe people who have entered or reside in a country without proper legal authorization, saying that words like that only help perpetuate stereotypes. For example, a poem by Luis Alberto Urrea included in the curriculum contains sentiments that terms like “illegal” or “undocumented” vilify people. The use of such words is described as “colonial”.

The curriculum also endorses Jolt Action, a left-wing organization that wants all illegals to be granted amnesty. Other than immigration, Jolt Action is known for its positions on issues like climate justice and diversity. It also considers healthcare and higher education to be human rights, even for illegals.

Parents Defending Education, a parental rights organization, has criticized this class, stating that it contradicts American values. According to the organization’s Vice President Caroline Moore, the curriculum appears to manipulate and indoctrinate students by presenting history in an extremely biased way.

Texas has recently faced heightened tensions related to illegal immigration. According to the state’s Attorney General Ken Paxton, they’ve already spent millions of dollars on the issue. These costs include payments ranging from $578 million to $716 million annually for public hospital districts providing uncompensated care for illegal aliens. Over $150 million was used for housing illegal criminal aliens for one year, and between $60 million and $90 million was spent on including illegals in the Medicaid insurance program in the state.

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