Pro-life Activist Sentenced to 4 Years

( – A pro-life activist who was protesting abortion at a Washington, D.C. clinic will serve over four years behind bars thanks to rigorous prosecution by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

The sentence was handed down on May 14 after Lauren Handy and several others were convicted of crimes listed in the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) in August last year. Handy helped organize the completely nonviolent protest wherein the group of roughly a dozen activists held a sit-in, sang songs, and disrupted regular appointments. Most of them dispersed upon police request, five were arrested, including Handy.

The event was held at the practice of infamous late-term abortionist Cesare Santangelo in October 2020 in the nation’s capital. Biden’s DOJ had originally requested six and a half years due to Handy being perceived as the ringleader. Observers have compared the treatment of these nonviolent activists to those convicted of offense during the 2020 George Floyd riots. Vice President Harris and many other Democrats engaged in fundraising to help spring those activists from jail and fund their legal defenses.

Handy was represented by lawyers Martin Cannon and Steve Crampton with the Thomas More Society. Cannon said that Handy was being condemned for her attempt to protect “innocent preborn human beings.” He added that they plan to appeal the conviction and continue to defend those who oppose abortion as an act of murdering infants in utero.

Prosecutors allege the group violated the 1994 law which was designed to punish anti-abortion activists who physically blockaded or otherwise disrupted regular operations at abortion clinics with stiff penalties. They cited the use of chains, ropes, and bike locks which abrogated entrance by patients. They also distributed pro-life literature and offered counsel to women seeking abortions who were willing to speak with them.

Handy and all her co-defendants were found guilty of violating the law, which carries a maximum penalty of 11 years. It’s likely the other defendants will have lesser sentences due to Handy being cited for her leadership in the matter.

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