Prince William and Meghan Markle’s Popularity Revealed

( – Prince William is preferred by multiple orders of magnitude by members of the British public when compared to his brother’s wife, Megan Markle. A recent survey suggested that the Duchess of Sussex lags behind the Prince of Wales by 100 points across two metrics from polling executed by YouGov on February 6 and 7.

The royals’ popularity among Brits was measured by asking whether each individual was liked or disliked. Prince William had favorable sentiments expressed by 74% of respondents while just 17% said they disliked the Prince. His brother’s wife, however, only was liked by 23% of respondents while 66% had unfavorable opinions of the Duchess.

With a little basic math, that gives Prince William a favorability rating of +57 whereas Megan Markle is -43. The difference is well-over a 100 points total, betraying the publics’ dislike for her specifically. William’s wife, Kate Middleton, had a positive/negative breakdown of 70%/16% putting her at +54 points, or in the ballpark of her husband.

Prince Harry’s ratings tracked with his wife, he was only liked by 28% versus 63% who had negative sentiments; his net score totaled -35.

William and Meghan’s huge difference is a recent development that followed Harry and Megan’s relocation to Canada in 2019 after complaints Markle made about the British press being hostile. Despite the hostile coverage, she still had more positive than negative regard by members of the public, the split breaking down 54%/34% or +20.

Harry and Meghan’s popularity collapsed shortly after their announced departure from Buckingham Palace and resignation from their royal duties in January 2020. Things only got worse during a March 2021 interview on Oprah.

The couples’ popularity began to decay again in January 2023 after the release of Harry’s book “Spare,” and a month following the Netflix release of “Harry & Meghan,” a documentary that told the story of the ex-royal duet.

Their poll numbers began to recover in December 2023 and are seemingly on an upward trajectory.

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