Pope Says There are No Winners In War

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The man who has spent an enormous chunk of his tenure addressing what he says is a “climate emergency” and who the mainstream media appears to suggest is only one or two steps away from ordaining gay marriage has chosen to comment on the nature of war. During a November 2 visit to a World War II veteran’s graveyard in Rome, Pope Francis opined that the outcome of any armed conflict has “no real winners.”

The leader of the worldwide Catholic Church spoke briefly to parishioners at the Commonwealth War Cemetery amidst a backdrop of ongoing conflicts in both Ukraine and the Middle East. Francis’ health is ailing and his mobility was limited to a wheelchair during his All Souls Day appearance.

The aging Pontiff was wheeled between gravestones by a personal attendant and carried with him a large bouquet of white roses, which he eventually laid in front of the headstone of William Perkins. In 1944, the 28-year-old was a Welsh Guardsman who was killed while serving in the Allied campaign against the Axis powers.

“Wars” will “always” end in “a defeat,” Francis said. The Pope paused and added a second “always,” seemingly to drive his point home and then said that “a total victory” does not ever come. “One side” ends up beating their opponent, “but behind that” win “there is always” an additional “price that” must “be paid,” he said.

Francis’ words were delivered during an informal Mass of sorts that was attended by a number of ambassadors and leaders from other Commonwealth nations. The Catholic leader is one of many who have called for at least a brief cessation of combat in Gaza so that humanitarian corridors can be opened into the Palestinian enclave.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly refused to entertain the possibility without a guarantee from Hamas that they would be willing to release each and every hostage they are currently holding.

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